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Matching Gift for AWR

Recently we received a phone call at AWR headquarters from a faithful donor. She was asking if she could make a significant gift to AWR with the stipulation that we use it as a matching challenge. Her additional stipulation was that she wished to remain anonymous.

Her name was given to Elder Jeff Wilson, one of our planned giving field staff.

Providentially Elder Wilson had a trip to this 73 year old woman’s western state in just a week to participate in an AWR rally and make other visits to donors. He called and made an appointment to meet with her. The town she lives in is so small, it doesn’t show up on some GPS devices or maps. It is at the end of a state highway. In other words, almost at the end of nowhere! In fact, from his earlier appointment Elder Wilson drove 368 miles across the state to find her home.

When he dropped in on her he found her living in a neatly kept older mobile home. There were lots of tractors, trailers and tools in the yard and nearby storage buildings left by her late husband.

For a few years she was a church school teacher. Along the way she was widowed. Now she is living alone on social security and a small pension from her late sister. On her limited income she gives to several different Adventist ministries! Usually saving up so she can send $100 twice a year rather than a smaller amount monthly.

Sitting across from Elder Wilson in her living room, she insisted she wanted to give $50,000 to AWR to challenge other donors to march her gift.

“Can you really do this,” he asked.

“I can,” she insisted. “I’ve done the same for The Quiet Hour and an Adventist Indian mission school. The greatest joy in my life is giving to my precious Lord and Savior, because He gave all of heaven for my salvation. I feel I can never out give God.”

The glow on her face as she shared her testimony with Elder Wilson, convinced him that indeed she could do it.

After prayer together, she walked Elder Wilson out to his vehicle. He wanted to give her some extra Transmissions to share with her small church family.

She thanked him several times for coming and stood on her porch waving as he drove away.

To accomplish this large gift, she asked if she could split the gift between two years. Of course, AWR could be patient in seeing the gift come in over two years. Needing a few days to get to the bank to move money from savings, her first check for $25,000 came a week after Elder Wilson’s visit.

Would you like to match this modern widow’s mite gift? If you write a check for $50 it will be matched to make $100! Your gift of $100 today will mean $200 for AWR! Your $1,000 will become $2,000! Just write “Match It” on your check or on the envelope.

Thank you for your generous financial support and fervent prayers as we take the gospel to the most difficult corners of the earth. Your gift, multiplied with the widow’s mite, can take the gospel from Broadcast to Baptism.

By Jeff Wilson

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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