Project Highlight: Motorbikes for Evangelists

Across Africa, AWR radio signals are carrying the Three Angels’ Messages—reaching from the largest cities to the most rural areas. With much study and prayer, our producers create life-changing content tailored to the needs of their local listening audience.

However, they don’t want their words to go into a void, so they follow Christ’s example. In addition to meeting the deepest needs of the heart through Bible-based messages, broadcasters connect with listeners one-on-one to forge an even deeper connection.

Many of these listeners reach out to learn more about our church. Producers, pastors and AWR360° Total Member Involvement (TMI) evangelists try to meet with every single contact—studying the Bible and praying for them. This connecting of the dots helps them take the beliefs they’re learning through their daily radio listening a step further. The visits help them internalize and understand the Bible better and ask the questions needed to make firm decision about these new truths.

However, some of our listeners are extremely hard to reach since they live in remote locations. Cars have a hard time navigating the narrow and often precarious roads, and walking takes too long. However, motorbikes can navigate with fewer problems while still reaching the listeners in good time.

We are hoping to provide 30 motorbikes to assist with discipling our listeners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Madagascar and Tanzania. Each motorbike costs approximately $750.

Thank you for your prayerful contribution to the Motorbikes for Evangelists project. You are making an eternal difference and helping take our listeners from broadcast to baptism through study and discipleship!

Mother and child listening to radio in front of simple home.

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